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I first came in contact with my Spirit Guides when I was 28 years old. I was studying with a teacher named Don Hayes at the time. My husband and I have used their guidance with great amazement and gratitude ever since. We have often commented to one another that we don't know how people manage who do not have access to this kind of help.

Spirit Helpers are many and you can call upon any number of them at any given time, but your Spirit Guides are different. They are very specific helpers that are here for you in this particular lifetime. I have noticed that most people have a "male" and a "female" guide who each help me with different aspects of my life. Their guidance is invaluable because it offers a different perspective, one that I like to call "the bigger picture". With the information they provide, making an important decision can be about seeing how this possibility fits into my Soul's Path, rather than what I'm likely to get out of it.

Normally, I use my Guides to enhance my own life. But I can also consult with them regarding your own questions. But what I enjoy even more is helping you get in touch with your own guides. Rather than meet them and tell you about them, I take you on a sacred journey to meet them for yourself. Having a vibrant relationship with your helpers can enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams.

And then once you have met them, I can offer suggestions on how to expand your relationship, how to use their help, and, most important, how to develop a level of accuracy that you can trust.











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