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I often take a few days at a time and go off into the woods to be alone and recharge my batteries. Pictured here is my retreat cabin. I usually meditate a lot and try to turn off the modern world as much as I can. I don't have electricity or water out here so it's easier to let nature be the center of all that goes on, and easier still to feel a part of that nature. It's kind of like a vision quest, but without the pain. I find I need a certain level of comfort to go deep. My Spirit Guides usually have some important work that they want to do with me, so I normally leave it to them to come up with the stuff I'm going to be learning out there.

In 2006, I experiemented with doing a retreat in the cabin with my husband. My Spirit Guides downloaded the subject matter, the schedule, the activities that we were to do and scripts for two journeys per day. It was such an amazing experience we decided to do this four times a year, once for every season. Next year we're going to experiment with adding another person or a couple. I think it's important to have the numbers be few, so that the feeling of intimacy with nature is not diluted.

Since then, I have been asked by several clients to co-create reatreats for them as well. So I now have the instructions and all of the scripted meditations for a powerful four day excursion into several topics. I would like to share these retreats with you as a kind of do it yourself "retreat kit". I provide the raw materials, you provide the space and time. Stay tuned. I'll be adding to this list every few months.

If you would like to purchase any of these retreats for yourself and/or someone you love please email me.

Retreat Titles:

Identification and Being: Pathways to Knowing the Truer Self
The Marriage of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine: The Union of Soul and Spirit
Croning Ceremony: Sacred Initiation into the Wise Woman
Bringing Shadow to Light


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