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Contrary to popular New Age beliefs, your Soul Mate is anyone with whom you choose to share your Spiritual growth in a committed way over a lifetime. There is no one person for whom you must wait in order to enjoy the ecstasy that being with your Soul Mate can bring. There are probably many people who could fit that bill. But as so many have discovered, it's a lot easier to "meet" your soul mate than it is to learn the skills necessary to stay connected to them at the soul level and keep that spark alive for a lifetime.

I've been married for going on 39 years now, (to the same man, mind you) and it never ceases to amaze me how I keep learning, year after year, how to do this even better. Marshall Rosenberg says that love is a need. That may be true on a certain level. But it is also a skill.

I offer couples coaching and counseling. I use and teach many different techniques including Nonviolent-Communication to help you connect at the heart.











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