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Intensives are geared to those who want to do a particular piece of work that involves several steps but feel the need for personal attention and guidance to go deeper. Maybe you know what those steps are, or maybe you need my help and that of my Guides to craft a strategy for you. At times of crisis, or when you know you're on the verge of big change, an intensive can help you step into that new vision with courage and conviction.

Going to workshops that take place in a large hotel or conference center can sometimes be frustrating. You like the topic, you know it's right for you, but when it's all over, you feel like you've just scratched the surface. Or maybe you encountered more resistance than you knew what to do with?

I've devised a solution to that problem. A custom intensive.

How long the intensive is depends on you, your schedule, and the work you want to accomplish.

I have several clients who come from overseas and schedule a week long intensive. During that week we meet for several hours per day, talking, processing, journeying, or doing ritual.

Others can only spare a weekend. Each intensive is designed just for you. All journeys are crafted based on your personal needs, and skill level. There are no prerequisites.

If you would like to schedule an intensive at either of our Dogstar locations please email me.




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