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Death is a sacred ritual of the soul. It is the transition from one form of being to another. To be present for someone at the time of their passing, and actually be able to usher them into the next world is truly a gift and a blessing. I am proud to have done this for my mother, and for a good friend.

It is also important to help a dying person prepare for this transition. I am always happy to assist anyone in this capacity as well.

In Vermont we have a law that allows us to have home funerals. Several of our friends had exercised this right, so when my mother died a while ago, I thought it only fitting for her to have the most beautiful funeral I could fashion. I asked a friend to make her a coffin, I padded it myself and lined it with the finest silk velvet I could find. When she passed I and a group of my closest women friends washed her body ceremonially with blessed rose water and dressed her ourselves. Then we transported her body to my home where she was laid in her coffin. I held a wake that evening, vigiled all night long and friends sang beautiful songs and kept me company. In the morning we caravanned to the crematorium. Her body was never left alone from the moment of her death until she was cremated. Many who attended commented that they wanted a funeral just like that when they die.

I also work with the berieved. Grief counseling before and after the death of a loved one is highly recommended. The grief will take its course as all grief must, but if you are allowed the space to grieve, the stress around it can be greatly reduced.

And then there are those, still healthy and full of life, who wish to die very consciously and be able to step out of the physical body in as elegant a manner as possible when their time comes. This takes experience. Celebrating the many little deaths that take place every day is a start, but you must build your expertice. I am happy to facilitate this work.

If you would like to contact me regarding a dying person, funeral plans, grief counseling, or any other issue having to do with death and dying you may call or email.


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