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Jan Asch is a metaphysical intuitive, spiritual teacher and the founder/director of Dogstar Healing Arts. Largely self-taught, she has been working as a spiritual counselor for 20 years. Combining her intuitive skills with her interest in crystals, Jan Asch has developed ways of working with quartz that encompass many centuries of lost knowledge.

Jan provides metaphysical counseling in partnership with her Spirit Guides with whom she has communicated for over 25 years. Their suggestions are detailed and compassionate. She combines dream work, and journeying techniques to produce an original mix of metaphysical tools designed to encourage and empower clients to transform their lives.

Besides Dogstar Healing Arts, she has taught workshops and classes at the Rowe Conference Center, in Rowe, MA, Crystal Essence in Great Barrington, MA, and Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT.

"There are lots of workshops you can take on just about anything these days, but it's really rare to find someone that can give you personal attention in meditative technique, someone who has the patience to lovingly guide you, step by step, into the unknown".



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